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jesse puljujarvi

Jesse Puljujarvi was drafted 4th overall by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2016 NHL draft. Jesse fell in the Oilers laps when the Columbus Blue Jackets surprised everyone at the draft by selecting Pierre Luc Dubois 3rd overall ahead of Jesse. Edmonton promptly selected the Finnish born player. Early on in his draft year Jesse was ranked number 1 on Central Scoutings list along with fellow Finn Patrik Laine. At the World Junior Tournament in 2016 Jesse had 17 points in just 7 games.

For a big man 6’4″ and 215 pounds Jesse skates very well. Has game breaking skills and is a great play-maker. What makes Jesse even better is the fact that he knows where to go to score goals. Has soft hands and a very quick release. Jesse uses his large frame to protect the puck. Has very good puck control at high speed.

Jesse finished last season, his first full season in the NHL with 12 goals and 8 assists for 20 points. Near the end of the season Jesse started to falter in his game. He lost all his confidence and it was noticeable. Jesse spent most of his even strength playing time with Leon Draisaitl and Milan Lucic. It didn’t help Jesse any when Milan Lucic was also suffering from a bad streak. Near the end of the season the Oilers replaced Lucic with Khaira.

Jesse got his feet wet last season and experienced what it is like to play an 82 game grind at the NHL level. Look for Jesse to score 20 goals this coming season and notch 25 assists. If the Oilers can stop blending lines so much and give Jesse a couple linemates and stick with them it would go along ways in helping Jesse’s confidence. Nice to develop chemistry with a couple players, rather than new linemates every few games.

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Jesse Puljujarvi Hockey Cards

jesse puljujarvi 

darnell nurse

Darnell Nurse was drafted 7th overall in the 2013 NHL draft by the Edmonton Oilers. Darnell was coming off a season which saw him get honors from the OHL as the top defenseman in the league. Darnell is 6’4″ tall and tips the scales at 220 pounds. He is an intimidating force to NHL forwards. You won’t be getting any free time in front of the Oiler net when Darnell is on the ice. Has put on considerable muscle since his draft year.

Darnell is currently in the midst of a contract issue between him and the Oiler brass. Edmonton is stuck in Cap Hell and will have to settle on giving Darnell a small 2 year bridge contract in order to keep him in the fold. This will surely cost them two years from now when they try and negotiate a new deal. Not very good planning by Edmonton’s upper management.

Darnell had a career year last season across the board, finishing with 26 points and a very respectable plus 15 on an Oiler team that under performed for the most part. He finished with 161 hits and 153 blocked shots. Darnell does see some powerplay time at .26 seconds per game but not enough to make an impact of any kind. Darnell does however get over 2 minutes of ice time per game shorthanded.

Darnell spent most of his even strength ice time (51%) paired up with Adam Larsson as Edmontons top shutdown line. When Larsson is not in the lineup the Oilers pair Nurse with shot block expert Kris Russell. Look for Darnell to double his goal total this season. You could see a lot of confidence in his game towards the end of last season. No reason why he can’t put up 40 points this season.

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Darnell Nurse Hockey Cards

darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse darnell nurse 

bo horvat

Bo Horvat was the 9th overall pick back in the 2013 NHL draft. The Vancouver Canucks traded Cory Schneider to the New Jersey Devils for the right to pick Bo Horvat. In a rare occasion the trade has worked out well for both teams.

Bo finished last season with 22 goals which was a career high. His point total was down from 52 the previous year to just 44 last season. Horvat has become a better defensive player as evidenced by his minus 1 which is a huge improvement over previous seasons. On a team that is rebuilding that is pretty good.

Thirty five percent of Bo’s even strength ice time was spent with Sven Baertschi and Brock Boeser, look for that line to be together again this coming season. Most of his time on the powerplay was spent with Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Not sure what the Canucks plan to do with their first powerplay unit this season. Guess we will have to wait until training camp unfolds to know the answer to that burning question. If you are reading this in hopes of a scoop for your fantasy team, all I can tell you is to draft both Boeser and Horvat, Baertschi will probably be with them.

Bo Horvat could see even strength time with Jake Virtanen and Goldobin. Doesn’t exactly scream danger to opposing forwards and goaltenders but this is what happens during a rebuild. You have to develop some kind of resiliency so you don’t lose your confidence. I have faith in Bo to lead the Canucks during their rebuild, he has a strong character and should be just fine.

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bo horvat bo horvat bo horvat bo horvat 

seth jones

Seth Jones was drafted in the first round, 4th overall in the 2013 NHL draft. He was drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Nashville traded Jones to the Blue Jackets in January of 2016. Nashville needed a center and Columbus wanted the defenseman, seemed like a match made in heaven. Three years later the verdict is in on who won the trade. Ryan Johansen has under performed in Nashville while Seth Jones is becoming one of the top 5 defenseman in the league. He is still just 23 years old. It was a steal of a trade favoring the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Seth Jones exploded last season for career highs in most stats across the board. His 16 goals was good enough for a tie for 4th place among defensemen. His 57 points placed him in 10th place among defenseman. Seth led all defensemen with 7 powerplay goals. Seth spent 83% of his even strength ice time with Zach Werenski. Look for that pair to continue to be together this coming season.

Seth has 4 years remaining on a contract that will pay him $5.4M a season. The final two years of his contract he has a MNTC (modified no trade clause), which simply means he can submit a list to management of ten teams he doesn’t want to be traded to.

Seth Jones has a lot of tools in his toolbox. I fully expect his stats to improve again this season. I see no reason why he won’t score 20 goals this season and reach the 65 point mark. Playing with Werenski is a treat for fans to watch. Both players have become quite the dynamic duo.

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Seth Jones Hockey Cards

seth jones seth jones seth jones 

vladimir vasilevskiy

Andrei Vasilevskiy was selected in the first round, 19th overall in the 2012 NHL entry draft. The 24 year old is coming off a stellar season in which he finished with 44 wins, 17 losses and 3 OT losses. His 8 shutouts tied for the league lead with Nashville’s Pekka Rinne. Vasilevskiy also posted a very solid .920 save percentage but was edged out by Pekka Rinne for the Vezina Trophy.

Andrei is a big man 6’3″ and 210 pounds, for a goaltender he covers a ton of net naturally. He makes incredibly hard saves look routine. His lateral movement from post to post is second to none. He is extremely agile for a big man. Reminds many people of a very good goalie North of the border in Carey Price. He will have to win a Vezina or two before you can really compare him to Price but that is who he reminds most scouts of.

Some say Vasilevskiy is spoiled with the quality of defense the Lightning have put in front of him, perhaps they are correct but make no mistake as to the talent he wields. Vasilevskiy has a strong net presence. He plays his angles very well and squares up to shooters. Will challenge shooters by coming out of the net.

“Vasilevskiy is a terrific athlete with very good biomechanics. His balance points and strong core allow him to seal the ice with a very wide, but very powerful butterfly” said Justin Goldman of the Goalies Guild.

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vladimir tarasenko

Vladimir Tarasenko finished last season with 66 points, 9 shy of his career high 75 points set the previous season. The St.Louis Blues had a rather up and down season last year. The Blues finished with 44 wins and 94 points, not what they had envisioned before the season. For that reason the Blues had a busy offseason bringing in Ryan O’Reilly, Tyler Bozak and Pat Maroon.

Tarasenko will benefit from the additions, especially with O’Reilly taking some of the heat centering the mega improved second line. The majority of Vladimir’s ice time saw him on a line with Jayden Schwartz and Brayden Schenn. This line should stay together again next season as O’Reilly should center the second line with Perron and Steen.

Vladimir went under the knife this offseason to repair a damaged shoulder. According to St.Louis Blues organization Vlad had this to say about the injury. “I need to talk about it with the doctors more, but I’m cleared to skate with the group, but only with some contact right now,” he said. “But I can shoot. I feel great and I feel stronger. I’m ready for the season.” Vlad suffered the dislocated shoulder in the Blues final game last season. He will have to practice in contact situations but Vlad claims he is good to go for this season.

Vladimir Tarasenko has tremendous one-on-one skills, accompanied by elite puck-handling skills. He protects the puck well which allows him to win board battles with his strength. Vlad has incredible anticipation and a great release to go along with his world class shot.

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Vladimir Tarasenko Hockey Cards

vladimir tarasenko vladimir tarasenko vladimir tarasenko vladimir tarasenko vladimir tarasenko