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Dougie Hamilton was born in Toronto in 1993. He stands 6’6″tall and weighs in at 210. Seems light for such a big frame. His best attribute isn’t his height as you would think, no Sir, it is the fact that he is a right shot defenseman. Right handed defensemen are like Gold in the NHL. Just ask the General Managers around the league how tough it is to land a right shot defenseman.

So why is it that Dougie Hamilton has been traded twice in the last 4 years? Dougie posted 17 goals last season, good for first among defensemen. Once again why has this player been traded twice? I have a theory that I would like to explain to my readers.

Let’s back up a bit at start and the beginning. Dougie Hamilton was drafted by the Bruins in 2011. Dougie spent three seasons in Boston. His most productive season turned out to be his last season in Boston, when he recorded 42 points in 2014-15. There were rumblings coming out of Boston that Dougie was a problem with other players.

In my investigation process for this article I found the following quote posted from an NHL Assistant GM.

“It was surprising,” said one NHL assistant GM. “It’s obvious there’s something going on that we don’t know about. From what I’ve heard behind the scenes, his teammates don’t like him. I heard he’s a loner and sort of an uppity kid, and that his teammates don’t like him and it was unanimous.”

There were also rumblings that Dougie Hamilton blocked a trade to the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes were allegedly giving up their 1st round draft pick number 3 overall in the June Draft. If Dougie had a choice in the matter, then I could see that happening. Maybe Dougie will call me and let me know! Yeah right!

The Boston Bruins traded Dougie Hamilton to the Calgary Flames in June of 2015. The Bruins sent Hamilton to the Flames for the 15th pick, 45th pick and the 52nd pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. The Bruins had an offer from the Edmonton Oilers that consisted of the 16th, 33rd and 57th picks of the draft. Problem is the Bruins also wanted Darnell Nurse so Peter Chiarelli, the Oiler GM, said no thanks and moved on from the conversation. (as an Oiler fan I am glad that trade didn’t materialize).

Dougie Hamilton played 3 seasons in Calgary. Three seems to be the magic number. Dougie averaged 14 goals and 32 assists for 46 points a year. Decent enough numbers. When Dougie first arrived in Calgary, he was arriving without a new contract, GM Brad Treliving promptly signed Dougie to a new 6 year deal that would pay him $34.5M. In October of 2015 the Calgary Flames sent a 7th round conditional pick to the Colorado Avalanche for Freddie Hamilton. It was clear that Dougie Hamilton wanted his brother in Calgary and clearly pressured GM Brad Treliving to get a deal done. Freddie played in only 8 games his final season in Calgary and was a healthy scratch 30 times. He was taking up a roster spot and that didn’t sit well with the other players on the team.

In January of 2018 the Calgary Flames waived Freddie Hamilton. Few days later he was traded to the Arizona Coyotes. Dougie’s older brother wasn’t his roommate anymore or his car pool buddy, this clearly upset Dougie. I can see why he would be mad, but to stay mad the rest of the season is just crazy. His play clearly declined as he looked disinterested most nights, especially near the end of the year. That didn’t sit well with Flame management. That leads us to the final trade to date.

Once again at the NHL Entry Draft in June of 2018 the Calgary Flames traded Dougie Hamilton, Michael Ferland and defenseman prospect Adam Fox to the Carolina Hurricanes for center Elias Lindholm and left shot defenseman Noah Hanifin. According to Carolina Hurricane media, Hanifin was having a bad year and Lindholm just wasn’t working out in Carolina. Sounds like a trade that should help both teams. Problems for a problem deal. Nothing wrong with that, sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for a player.

There a quite a few people saying that Calgary made a horrible trade and that Carolina wins the trade hands down. Here is my take on that. I know Dougie has been a problem both in Boston and Calgary, a player of his caliber just doesn’t get traded if everything in the locker room is peachy. I haven’t been able to dig up any dirt on Lindholm or Hanifin. Hanifin can put up the same points in Calgary that Hamilton was producing. Lindholm should blossom in a hockey mad City. I think Calgary wins the trade. They got rid of a problem player and replaced his point production. They replaced the rugged Ferland with Lindholm. Calgary gains a lot of speed and loses some muscle, in today’s game I would rather have the speed.

That is it, that is all I got!

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