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Charlie Coyle was drafted 28th overall in 2010 and is just now starting to live up to his potential. He is 6’3″ and 220 pounds. Still just 26 years of age and if you ask some the next couple years will be his prime years.

Charlie posted 11 goals and 26 assists last year but played in only 66 games. I find it odd that Charlies shooting percentage has declined the last three seasons. It was rather high at 15% three years ago and 11% two years ago. Last year it dropped to 9% which is a more realistic number, but when you factor in that he is also shooting less, it is obviously a recipe for a decline in goal production. If he can find a way to increase his shots he should be fine and approach 20 goals. he does receive a 1.23 minutes per game on the powerplay.

If the end of last season is any indication, Charlie should be playing on a line with Eric Staal and Jason Zucker. He should also see powerplay time with those same players.

Charlie has outstanding offensive tools such as soft hands and a quick release. Has play-making abilities. Has the size required to guard the puck and knock guys off the puck but just doesn’t use his body enough. Can be frustrating to watch at times because you know the talent is there. He has a strong work ethic and he has an attitude for not backing down, he just doesn’t use his body enough to protect the puck once he has it.

Charlie Coyle’s strength is his two-way play. Usually the first player in the offensive zone and is the player tracking the puck to the boards. Once puck possession changes, Coyle reverses and starts making opponents life miserable in the defensive zone.

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